Can I pick up my order?

Yes you may pick up your order, we would love to meet you. You can pick up from Mokoia Road in Birkenhead.

Is it safe for animals?

Yes the Kawakawa balm and the Kawakawa & Hemp balm are safe for pets.

Please try it on a small area before using.

What is the difference between Kawakawa balm and the Kawakawa & Hemp balm?

Kawakawa balm uses extra virgin olive oil (cold pressed) while the Kawakawa & Hemp balm, only uses Hemp oil as the carrier oil.;

Which Kawakawa balm is better ; Normal Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Hemp Seed oil?

We believe that the hemp balms are stronger because when the Kawakawa infuses with the hemp oil, it’s like a marriage made in heaven.
Hemp oil also holds its own medicinal properties, so infusing Kawakawa with Hemp already suggests the answer.

Does Hemp balm have a smell?

Yes it has an earthy, mildly nutty aroma.