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"Thank you Raiha - your balm helped my eczema”   

6 year old Jessie New Lynn


”I love the texture of the balm, not too hard and not too soft. I love the Hemp Muscle rub for my arthritis“   
Megan.W Henderson


"The Muscle rub is a winner, I’m a weaver and this helps me weave daily”

Tui Roman Snr


"The kawakawa balm works great for when my kids get mosquito bites-It really stops the itch"

Kiri .T  Northcote

I just want to thank you for your beautiful balms. I was gifted the 3 pack for Christmas 2023 and have used it twice a day since. I have severe arthritis and nothing has been able to relieve my pain like this has. It is fantastic. I've been using it on my autistic son and he loves it too. We look forward to buying more in the future. Thank you! Josie

First off I have to say I absolutely LOVE your KAWAKAWA & Hemp Muscle Rub. I went online to order more and it says you can't ship to me. I live at in the US. Did I enter something in wrong or can you not ship to Oregon? Please let me know how to order.

Hi, I bought some kawakawa moisturizing cream at a market with Raiha Rongoa printed on it. Is this one of your creams? I'm trying to replace it.

"yes it is one of our creams, and yes we will be making more soon. Watch this space"