Collection: OKO KAWAKAWA

Oko Kawakawa balm is a luxurious multi-purpose balm. Handmade from clay, this vessel provides a decorative way to store the balm. Oko Kawakawa is beeswax-based and is formulated with organic, ethically sourced ingredients.

Oko Kawakawa is a topical skin balm designed to reduce inflammation and soreness. Its active ingredients are locally sourced and are known to help reduce skin irritations.

Eczema, psoriasis, insect bites, dry skin patches, wounds, and chafing. Additionally, it provides long-lasting hydration for dry, cracked heels.

Kawakawa Balm is free of synthetic fragrances, boasting an aroma of natural Kawakawa and Beeswax.

How to use it  
To get the most out of these powerful ingredients, simply massage it into your skin.


  • Kawakawa infused EVOO 
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cold pressed
  • Beeswax
  • Aroha and lots of it

    Exercise care when applying Kawakawa Balm; if a rash appears or the itch becomes more severe, discontinuation of use is advised.

    Made in Aotearoa – New Zealand   
    By our whānau ( family ) and friends that help bring our dreams to life. 
    If you do find an imperfection, you can either smile and acknowledge that this is hand made , or contact us via our page, we would love to hear about it, good or bad. 

    Nga mihi

    Raiha Rongoā