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Oko Kawakawa

Oko Kawakawa

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Oko Kawakawa is an elegant, artisan-handcrafted clay vessel, offering an attractive method of balm preservation.

Oko Kawakawa is available with Kawakawa balm, Kawakawa Muscle rub, Kawakawa Hemp Balm and our most potent balm, Kawakawa Hemp Muscle rub.

Our Oko Kawakawa are locally crafted and Raiha was involved in creating the shape, colors and sizes. Additionally, each balm contains a piece of sacred blessed Pounamu, enabling us to share its powerful energy with you. Our Pounamu is a gift from us to you.

To use
Simply apply a small amount of the balm onto the affected area and massage gently. Kawakawa Balm is easy to use and can be used as needed for relief.

Note See notes on different balms for more information

Kawakawa Balm

Kawakawa Hemp Balm

Kawakawa Muscle Rub

Kawakawa Hemp Muscle Rub


Made in Aotearoa - New Zealand

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